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The Law Office of Charles C. Dawson, Jr., LLC provides unique, personal and proven solutions to real world problems. This office works in efficient representation of commercial clients, creditors and individuals in litigation, business transactions as well as probate and estate matters. 

Located in Pelham, Alabama, Representing Companies and Individuals.


I believe in building genuine, personalized client relationships. At the heart of each client relationship (whether years or hours long) is honesty — my job is to listen to and understand a client's challenges and then generate bold ideas and solve problems.

The client experience is amplified by collaborating in the digital realm - documents can be shared and edited securely through the specialized client portal - and by scheduling appointments in an online scheduling system without the frustration of multiple communications.




(205) 516-3132



2163 Pelham Parkway
Suite 212
Pelham, Alabama 35124



M-F 8am-5pm

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Probate and Estate

Probate and Estate

I understand that you don't just want a will, trust, power of attorney or some fancy legal document with a lot of fancy latin words that you don't understand or care about. You want your estate lawyer to draft n instrument that addresses important concerns you have about yourself and your family, such as... 

  • Who should handle your affairs when you become unable to do so.
  • How to hand down money to your heirs so that creditors can’t touch it. 
  • How to decide if the executor of your will should be a member of your family, or not. 
  • Whether you need list all of the your assets specifically in your will. 

2163 Pelham Parkway

Suite 212

Pelham, Alabama  35124

Ph: (205)516-3132

F: (855)516-3132